There are currently 23 known genes that have been associated with more than 30 hereditary Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases, with more diseases defined and genes targeted every year.

Some of these diseases occur soon after birth and can develop serious complications or be fatal if diagnosis and treatment are delayed or unavailable.

In a recent study, the average age of symptoms reported for a subset of these diseases was 0.1–5 years, but the age at diagnosis was 5–36 years.

Treatment availability in Canada for many Autoinflammatory Diseases is still limited or non-existent, partly due to poor understanding of the diseases, misdiagnoses, and pharmaceutical strategies.


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The Canadian Autoinflammatory Network (Réseau Auto-inflammatoire Canadien) is a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting people living with autoinflammatory diseases in Canada, advocating for higher visibility, increased research, and treatment access from government and the Canadian medical landscape.